St. George WharfLondon, UK

St. George Wharf, situated on the southern bank of the Thames, immediately catches the eye with its extraordinary design and extravagant gull wing roofs.

This building complex brings the whole riverside area of London alive by day and night.

On an area of about 125,000 square metres St George Wharf consists of 750 apartments and offices, cafés, restaurants, a health and fitness centre as well as an international hotel. The project centres around 5 towers ascending in steps up to the 22nd storey. The top levels, directly under the striking wing-roofs, consist of penthouse suites with sea-green glass facades. A new 275 metre-long river promenade, 132 low-cost units and a new pier for the River Bus are also included in the building development.

Due to the fantastic location of St. George Wharf a complex has been created, which offers a high level of exclusivity, convenience and comfort.

JORDAHL supplied anchor channels JTA for connecting the elements of the glass façade.

St. George South London
Construction Period
1998 – 2005