JORDAHL® trapezoidal sheet metal fastening rail JTB


    The JORDAHL® profiled metal sheet channels are the optimum solution for attaching trapezoidal sheet metal to reinforced concrete components without damaging the load-bearing components. The system consists of the channel types JTB-AR and JTB-uni.


    Available in hot-dip galvanized steel or in stainless steel (A4). Standard filling: polystyrene (PS).

    Load Groups

    Available as profile 60/22/6. Approved for a permitted load of 5.0 kN per anchor (7.0 kN design resistance)


    • Slimline anchors that easily adapt to the reinforcement
    • Quick installation in one step
    • Flush with the surface and directly concreted into the load-bearing component
    • Suitable for installation in all usual building situations
    • Guaranteed load-bearing capacity by building approval
    • Type JTB-AR: for easy installation and an easier fit in existing reinforcement cages
    • Type JTB-uni: for quick installation, also for heavily reinforced components. Lowest storage space requirement, they can be stacked on top of each other.