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  • Can I position the loads along the longitudinal direction of the anchor channels without using the toothed anchor channels?
    • Yes, with JORDAHL® hot rolled anchor channels it is possible to take small to medium loads along the length of the anchor channels. Then instead of using the Hook-Head or Hammer- Head bolts, special double notched toothed bolt types JKB and JKC should be used. The installation torques of these bolts are higher creating a groove inside the channel lips thereby enhancing its load carrying capacity along the longitudinal direction of the anchor channel.
  • Is there design software for anchor channels?
    • Since the beginning of 2011 the JORDAHL GmbH offers a user-friendly software for free download. This facilitates users to switch from the previous rigid design according to tables on a flexible design according to ETA.
  • Can I improve the load carrying capacity of JORDAHL® anchor channels by using high quality concrete?
    • Yes, the design of anchor channels is carried out according to the provisions of the ETA and when selecting high concrete grade, you can influence the load carrying capacity. However, it depends on the type of failure as well. If load carrying capacity is restricted due to a failure in the concrete then you can increase the concrete resistance by improving the quality of the concrete. However, if it is a steel failure, increased resistance will not be possible.
  • What are the other ways of increasing the load carrying capacity of JORDAHL® anchor channels?
    • If the load carrying capacity is limited by steel resistance, there could be either a connection failure between the channel/anchor or the bolt/channel. In the first case, it is possible to reduce the distance between anchors by increasing the number of anchors. In the second case, by increasing the number of bolts, the load carrying capacity can also be increased.
  • What are the benefits of hot-rolled profiles against cold-formed profiles?
    • Hot-rolled profiles are hot rolled from a single block. Thus they are free of internal stresses and they have increased channel lips. Due to the triangular shape of the channel lips, it is possible to apply high torques and thus high bolt tension forces. They can be used very well for dynamic loads and to improve the transmission of longitudinal forces. The new hot-rolled profiles for ETA 09/0338 also have an increased shear steel capacity of 30% compared to the cold-formed profiles.