Key dates:
1902 Kahn concrete reinforcement system invented in USA
1907 DKG (German Kahn Steel Company) founded in Europe
1913 JORDAHL® anchor channels invented by DKG
1946 KSM Products founded
1958 KSM Canada founded
1966 Omark Industries purchases KSM
1983 Constud founded by former KSM management team
1988 Constud moves into its present facility
1989 Constud forms partnership with DEHA and HBS
1991 Constud & DEHA shareholders purchase AGM
1993 Decon® Studrail® and CHBS is founded
1998 Decon USA founded
2003 Constud and Decon merge to form Continental Decon
2012 Constud, Decon USA, and AGM become subsidiaries of DKG
2012 DKG becomes JORDAHL
The development of the studweldable fasteners produced by CONTINENTAL Studwelding Ltd. (Constud) began in 1946 when three entrepreneurs Frank Keleman, Basil Spalding, and Charles Mikulka founded KSM Products Inc. in New Jersey. This was followed in 1958 by the formation of KSM Canada Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary to cater to the Canadian “studwelding” market. KSM Canada commenced manufacturing Weldpins® and Weldstuds® on a gradual basis, and by the late 70’s was producing a complete range of studweldable fasteners from 14 gauge insulation Weldpins® right up to 7/8” X 8-3/16” shear connectors.
Following a period of rapid growth the whole KMS group was purchased by Omark Industries Inc. in 1966, and became “KSM Fastening Systems Inc division of Omark Industries Inc”. The company continued to grow and between 1958 and 1970 resultKSM Canada grew so rapidly that three expansionary changes of location were necessary plus the addition of a warehouse in Calgary, Alberta.

In the early 80’s Omark began a process of divesting a number of its companies to bring more focus to its product offering. In 1983 KSM Canada was sold to its management team and became Continental Studwelding Ltd. The new company continued to grow resulting in another location move in 1988, when Constud moved into its present location in Brampton, ON and since then the plant has been expanded to accommodate new products.

Diversification of the product range began in 1989 when equal partnership agreements were made with two separate German International Companies. The first partnership was with DEHA Ankersysteme GMBH & Co KG, which at the time was a world leader in many specially engineered construction products including Studrails®, Tension rods, lifting/transport anchors and rebar couplers. The second partnership was with HBS Bolzenschweiss Systeme GMBH, which designs and manufactures a complete line of leading edge technology studwelding equipment. In 1993 both of these partnerships were changed to privately held stand alone operational entities under the new names DECON Studrail Inc. & CHBS Studwelding Equipment Ltd.. In 1998 DECON USA Inc. was also founded.
In 1991 the shareholders of Constud and DEHA acquired AGM Industries Inc, and AGM International Inc. AGM which today is located in Brockton MA. AGM started operations in 1961 and manufactures a complete line of studweldable and non-studweldable insulation industry related fasteners. AGM also manufactures capacitor discharge Studwelding equipment.
In 2009 CONTINENTAL and DECON USA became the North American distributors of JORDAHL® anchor channels and in 2011 it became a fully owned subsidiary of Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH which has subsequently been re-named JORDAHL GmbH, a German company with its own historical roots beginning in North America.

The seeds of the JORDAHL company were laid in the USA at the start of the twentieth century by the invention of a concrete reinforcement system by Julius Kahn. Julius was the brother of Albert Kahn who later became world famous as the Principal of the US architectural firm Albert Kahn Associates. Both brothers shared a passion for concrete which was a new building material at the time, and Julius’s new reinforcement system was used in several buildings designed by Albert.
The Kahn brothers’ interest in concrete was shared by a Norwegian civil engineer Anders Jordahl and his Swedish business partner Ivar Kreuger. They acquired European marketing rights for Julius Kahn’s reinforcement system in 1907 and formed a new company Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH (DKG) in Berlin. Kahn’s invention allowed the company to develop, and this was followed in 1913 when Anders Jordahl invented the world’s first cast-in anchor channel to allow adjustable and reliable connections to concrete structures. This was the beginning of JORDAHL® anchor channels.

After continued research and development JORDAHL® anchor channels evolved to become the principal product range for the European company. Based in Berlin the company was heavily affected by the Second World War, and it was later partially separated from the rest of the world due to the partition of Berlin and Germany during the cold war. Nevertheless, it continued to grow and after the re-unification of Germany in 1989 this growth accelerated as it began to make in-roads into global markets. Continued research and development of the JORDAHL® anchor channel system also kept the company as a technology leader. In 2012 the company name was changed from Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH to JORDAHL GmbH. Currently the JORDAHL has subsidiaries and distributors across Europe, North America, and Asia.

Based on this history and incorporating the best of North American and European technology CONTINENTAL continues to drive its business forward on the principle of engineering excellence combined with the highest standards of customer service. Our well trained and dedicated staff continues to be the keystone of our success. We extend application engineering and service support to all products we manufacture.

We appreciate and thank-you for the sales support we have had over the years. We solicit, and are prepared to earn your future business.