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JORDAHL is based in Brampton Ontario, and our highly engineered products are supplied throughout Canada by company owned and independent distributors. With the company’s Canadian roots dating back over sixty years, JORDAHL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality connection products and concrete reinforcement technology. Since 2012 JORDAHL Canada Inc. has been a subsidiary of JORDAHL GmbH, which for over 100 years has shared a common reputation for excellence in the international manufacturing and construction industries.

JORDAHL offers a wide selection of products that are specified nationally and internationally for use in manufacturing and construction. These are supplied under the following leading brands which are globally recognized for quality and engineering excellence:

CONTINENTAL® studwelding systems for the metal fabrication and construction industries employ the latest technology in capacitor discharge (CD) and arc studwelding. CONTINENTAL Weldstuds® and Weldpins® and related accessories are supplied as part of of a wide selection of single mode or multimode welding systems. These range from small portable models to complete in-line computer numerical production systems.

DECON® Studrails® provide a simple and efficient reinforcement system to enhance punching shear performance of concrete at slab-column connections, foundation slabs, and post-tension anchorage zones.

JORDAHL® anchor channels allow bolted adjustable connections to concrete structures without welding or drilling. Simple to use, the system facilitates reliable, accurate, and rapid installation of façade, MEP, and structural connections. JORDAHL also provides adjustable fastening systems for use in the manufacture of machines and transportation vehicles.

MACALLOY® has been the leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality threaded tension rod systems since 1948 and supplies a range of high strength bar and cable systems to world-wide markets.

Dedication to Dependability:
Customer service is just as important to us as quality. JORDAHL representatives will assist you in analyzing your requirements and selecting the system best suited to your needs. We inventory an extensive line of standard products and will economically produce special systems to meet your design requirements. We are people who deliver what we say, when we say.

JORDAHL ... dependability in design, engineering, manufacturing and service.

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