New: The Accu 500 Battery pin welding System 

Continental has a long history of servicing the insulation industry with our class leading equipment and quality fasteners. In order for our customers to maintain their competitive edge, they rely on us to provide them with the latest in pin welding technology.

The Accu 500 Battery pin welding system is the latest addition to our equipment line-up, featuring a lithium ion battery that will provide enough power to weld anywhere from 600 to 1,000 welds (depending on pin diameter). Developed specifically for the insulation industry, this system is perfectly suited for both in-shop and job-site applications. With its IP23 rating operators can rest assured that this system will perform reliably in the field.

The front panel features a user-friendly interface where the operator simply selects the type of weld pin with the push of a button, taking the guesswork out of the equipment setup. Fine tuning adjustments of the weld voltage can still be made.

If the battery should become depleted before the work is done, you are not out of options. The controller can be simply plugged into a standard 110 volt AC outlet and the operator can continue welding while the battery charges simultaneously. A full charge will be reached in approximately 2.5 hours. Alternatively, spare batteries and external chargers are available.

Contact your local rep or one of our office locations across Canada in order to obtain more information about the Accu 500 pin welding system.