Our ACCU-500 battery operated pin welder is capable of welding 12ga -3/16 diameter as well as cupped head pins.

With a simple push of a button, you can walk and weld without the need for 110V electricity! If you find the battery is getting low, just plug it in and charge while you are welding.

The INP-06 gun is the appropriate gun that goes with it.


  • Welding of insulation pins for both in-shop and job site situations.
  • Lithium ion battery power allows welding of insulation pins in remote locations.
  • Welds both straight pins and cupped head pins.


  • Detachable lithium ion battery.
  • No need to run long extension cords at job sites.
  • Built in charging capabilities, just plug the unit in and it will charge while operator continues to weld. 
  • User friendly control panel, operator simply presses the button for the type of fastener: 12ga, 10ga, CHP, 3/16”
  • IP23 rating for safety and internal fault protection.

Suitable guns:

INP-06 gun