A Breakthrough in New Studwelding Equipment!

After over 30 years in the industry, you have come to expect that CONTINENTAL will always provide you with the latest technology in Studwelding equipment. As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers we will continue that proud tradition. CONTINENTAL is pleased to announce the arrival of two brand new pieces of equipment. Both systems bring you the most advanced in Studwelding technology.
The HBS Pegasar 500 is the first Studwelding system to utilize a lithium ion battery for applications where insulation pins need to be welded at job site locations where power is not easily accessible. This unit will still perform all of the functions of a traditional pin welder by plugging into 110 Volts power and welding insulation pins indefinitely. Where the Pegesar 500 really shines is in its ability to unplug from the standard wall power and be mobilized virtually anywhere that is required. When the battery level depletes, it can be swapped out for a fresh battery or it can be plugged back in, where the operator can continue welding while the battery charges simultaneously. No other equipment in the industry has this capability. Read more about the HBS Pegasar 500.
The HBS Visar 650 brings a new dimension into ARC Studwelding systems. Previously, applications that required ARC Studwelding had meant that 575 Volts 3 phase power was required. Now for the first time in the industry, ARC Studwelding up to 3/8" diameter can be done with 110 Volts single phase power. This lightweight and highly portable machine brings ARC Studwelding applications to a new level of efficiency and productivity. The Visar 650 controller is hermetically sealed, meaning no dirt or dust particles from job site environments can enter the unit. Industries such as ship building, construction and metal fabrication can take advantage of this new technology. Read more about the HBS Visar 650.