HBS Pegasar 500

The Latest in Studwelding Technology

  • Lithium ion battery provides supplemental power when operating in remote locations.
  • Library mode takes the guesswork out of system setup.
  • Surface weld technology, suitable for welding to thin gauge parent material.


  • Capacitor Discharge Studwelding of insulation pins.
  • IP44 rating with Li-Ion battery.
  • Operator can plug unit in and continue welding while simultaneously charging battery.
  • Optional battery and external charger available.
  • Rugged design suitable for both in shop and job site environments.
Welding RangeInsulation pins 14ga – 10ga. Cupped head pins 14ga – 12ga. 3/16” diameter flanged studs.
Welding MaterialMild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass
Welding RateTBC
Capacitance100,000 mfd
Welding Time1 to 3 milliseconds
Energy500 Ws
Charging Voltage50 to 100 Volts (Stepless voltage regulation)
Primary Power100 to 240 Volts automatic voltage sensing, 50-60 Hz, optional Li-Ion battery 25.55 Volts.
Power SourceCapacitor
Cooling TypeThermostatically controlled internal fan
IP CodeIP44 with battery inserted – IP23 without battery
Dimensions (L x W x H)18.7” x 11.8” x 14” (475mm x 300mm x 355mm)
Weight26.45 lbs (12 kg) with battery, 23.6 lbs (10.7 kg) without battery.

Suitable guns:

HBS C-06

Optional equipment:

Lithium Ion Battery

External Battery Charger