Quilt Pins

This fastener is used to provide support (quilting) of the insulation material in a blanket or removable pad. Quilting Pins are normally used, in addition to Lacing Anchors, to fabricate blankets and are secured with a self-locking washer.


14 ga (.080)7/8"2-1/2"
14 ga (.080)7/8"4-1/2"
12 ga (.106)7/8"2-1/2"
12 ga (.106)7/8"4-1/2"


Available in:
  • Stainless Steel

Also available in head diameters of 1-3/16" and 1-1/2".

Standard Lengths listed
Other lengths available on request
Self-locking Washers available in a variety of sizes and configurations.