Lacing Anchors

Lacing Anchors are used in the fabrication of insulation blankets or removable covers/pads. The nail is pressed through the insulation material, so the hook portion sits on the top edge and the nail is secured on the opposite side of the insulation with a washer. The two sides of the blanket can then be "laced" together by the hooks with tie wire.


14 ga (.080)7/8"2-1/2"
14 ga (.080)7/8"4-1/2"
12 ga (.106)7/8"2-1/2"
12 ga (.106)7/8"4-1/2"


  • Mild Steel (zinc plated)
  • Stainless Steel
Available with 3/8" Dia top plate as Special Order

Standard Lengths listed
Other lengths available on request

Self-locking Washers available in a variety of sizes and configurations.
Domed Caps can also be used to cover the tip of the nail.


Lacing anchor application