Cupped Head & Mini-Cup Weld Pins

This type of Capacitor Discharge (CD) pin is welded through the insulation, allowing the fabrication to be done in one easy step. The head of the pin is attached to the nail, so there is no need to add a washer.
Reduced labor time - Neat, finished appearance
Part No.DCLength
CH-12.1061-1/2"Stnd up to 6"
CH-10.1351-1/2"Special Order
MC-14.0801-3/16"Up to 2-1/2"
MC-12.1061-3/16"Stnd up to 6"
  • Available as Mini-Cup (MC) or Full-Size Cupped Head (CH) Style, with a beveled head.
  • Flat head available as a special order.
Pins are also available "insulated" for welding through foil-faced materials to prevent arcing on the foil facia.
Longer lengths available as special order.
Length of pin to be used is determined by the thickness, density & composition of the insulation being installed.


  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel available on special order