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Cable Hangers

Cable Hangers

Continental Cable Hangers are designed to support load cable runs on commercial and military vessels and offshore drilling platforms. They are available in zinc plated mild steel and 316 stainless steel. A neoprene rubber coating is available on both steel and stainless hangers. Using Cable Hangers in conjunction with Continental Arc Studs means lower inventory needs, less "customizing", and expanded design flexibility. Per foot of cable, it's faster than any other method, with the lowest in-place cost.

All tapped cable hangers are manufactured and tested in accordance with NAVSEA drawing 803-5001027 (section 4) and have been successfully tested to MIL-S-901C (Grade A shock) and MILSTD-167-1 (Type I vibration).

Cable Hangers are easily installed, versatile and adaptable, with robust design and durability proven by millions of parts in service around the globe.

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