ARC Studwelding general information

ARC Studwelding involves the same basic principles and metallurgical aspects as any other arc welding procedure.

The weld gun lifts the stud a short distance from the base metal and initiates a controlled electric arc from the power source which melts the end of the stud and a portion of the base metal.
The ceramic ferrule or gas tube contains the molten metal into which the stud is thrust automatically and high quality fusion weld is accomplished

ARC Studwelding is generally used to weld larger diameter studs to thick base metals. ARC studs may be almost any shape and are made of weldable materials.
Mild Steel, Stainless steel and aluminum are common for ARC Studwelding.

When an arc stud is welded, a fillet forms around it's base with the fillet dimensions being closely controlled by the design of the ferrule used.
Since the diameter of the fillet is generally larger than the diameter of the stud, some consideration is required in the design of mating parts.

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