HBS CDI 2302

Unbeatable new power pack
With efficient inverter-capacitor charging technology
  • Enormous time and energy savings (30 % less energy!)
  • Highest cycle sequence of its class (up to 40 studs/min.)
  • 20 % energy reserve due to 220 V charging voltage
  • Simple operation & minimal weight (20 % lighter than previous model)
  • Extreme long life due to robust and functional industrial design

Highest level of quality and safety
  • IP 23 - Highest possible protection of its class
  • Capacitor formation recorded - Quality control for consistent capacitor quality through automated formation
  • Shock-proof capacitor battery - No contact of the capacitors to the device housing; sparkover (short circuit) is therefore not possible!
  • Cooling channel - Protects the electronic components from getting soiled. Ideal cooling of the inverter charging p.c. board for high sequence cycles.
Welding range#4 to 5/16" (7/16" limited), dia. 14 ga to 5/16'' (dia. 3/8" limited)
(M3 to M8 (M10 limited), dia. 2 to 8 mm (dia. 10 mm limited))
Welding materialMild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass
Welding rateM3 = 33 studs/min. (Charging voltage 60 V)
M8 = 12 studs/min. (Charging voltage 170 V)
(M10 = 9 studs/min. (Charging voltage 210 V))
Capacitance99,000 μF
Welding time1 to 3 msec
Energy2,400 Ws
Charging voltage50 to 220 V (stepless voltage regulation)
Primary power115 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 AT
Power sourceCapacitor
Cooling typeF (temperature controlled cooling fan)
IP-CodeIP 23
Dimension LxWxH18.90" x 8.07" x 9.84" (480 x 205 x 250 mm) without handle
Weight37.48 lbs (17 kg)

Suitable guns:


HBS C-08