CD Stud Welding

CD studwelding is used to weld smaller diameter weld studs (3/8" and under) to thinner base materials including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum with minimal or no deformation or heat distortion on the base material. Specially designed studs with an ignition tip on the weld end allows the stud to weld consistantly in a short period of time (0.01 seconds). CD welding eliminates the need for punching, drilling, tapping and riveting resulting in cost savings. Two sided access is no longer required. CD Studwelding is commonly found in Food Service Equipment, Elevator Panels, Electrical and Metal enclosures, Lighting fixtures, Store Fixtures, Signs and Decorative Trim, Cookware and Insulation.

Your Continental representatives are highly trained to help in both existing applications as well as designing new CD Studwelding applications to help your company find the best solution.